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20 Feb 2021
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08 Apr 2021

Bug Report Form:

Below is the correct format for you to fill out in order to report a bug you may encounter whilst playing on BedrockMC. This can include bugs such as Sell Not working, Server down, Server Store not responding etc. It contains 3 section which are: Your details, Bug Details and Evidence. If you would like to report a bug, please copy and complete the questions to the best of your ability. After this please ensure that you reply to this post with your completed report. Your report will be looked at by the management team, and you will be contacted shortly, after we have looked into your case and the reported bug.

Our development team are working strongly to ensure that there are minimal bugs and/or glitches for users playing on BedrockMC. We do appologise in advance for being unable identify the reported bug. We thank you for helping out both the community and server, by reporting this bug.

Please Note: Some report cases will be looked into, but the bug/glitch may be client side, rather than server side. Please ONLY fill this form if you are certain that the bug is not client side.

Application Format:

Your Details:

Name (Optional):


Minecraft Username:

Discord Username (with tag):

Time zone:

Bug Details:

Which server is the bug taking place? (Survival, Prison, KitPvP etc.)

Effect on you/other players? 

Brief Explanation: 

Additional information: (Optional)


Please attach any evidence you may have which will support your report case.

Crazzy_ · 3 months ago